EN B paragliders fit for purpose score (10.12.2017)

The EN B class is the class with the widest spectrum of pilots and paragliders. Anything from novice pilots right after their basic training to very experienced pilots with years of flying under their belt. The gliders in this class also vary from low aspect ratio (AR) of 4.3 to very performant gliders with AR up to 6.3. Therefore, the choice of a new glider is not easy.
Based on the reviews we are getting we are creating graphs and tools to help pilots to choose their gliders. Our latest graph is a heat map showing the score of the top 20 most popular paragliders on
The scores are from 0 (the worst glider in the given category among the 20 wings) to 100 (the best glider in the given category among the 20 wings) into five categories; beginner, progression, cross country, competition, and hike and fly. The higher the score the more suitable the wing is for that category. For example, the Carrera+ is very suitable for a competition (score of 100) while not suitable as a beginner (score of 6) paraglider.
The heatmap below was generated using our fit-for-purpose wing tool

paragliding wing comparison heatmap

Stay tuned for more graphs and tools.

Happy landings!


Have a look at our latest article explaining the modeling principles behind our "paraglider fit for purpose" tool. Click here to read the article.

Pilot Needs (01.01.2017)


We are fortunate to live in times where records are being broken frequently; on the 13th of October 2016 Samuel Nascimento, Rafael Saladini and Donizete Baldessa Lemos flew 564 km in Brazil, Gavin McClurg and Dave Turner traversed the Alaska Range early this summer, while Antoine Girard made history in July after flying over Broad Peak at 8051 m. These achievements push our sport and bring it to the next level. For these achievements in the wing-pilot-harness system, pilot is the most essential element.
However, one should not underestimate that technological advances in wing design have made those achievements possible. The vast majority of the pilots are far from this level of flying even though they fly with the same equipment, we should not forget that the above record-breaking pilots are professional adventurers while most pilots fly during weekends.
Nevertheless, in order for the manufactures to improve the wings' design even further they need to understand what the pilots' needs are, and need to listen both to professionals and to what we call the average pilot i.e. non-professional.

The pilot to pilot review tool

We asked ourselves at what does the average pilot thinks about the wing she/he flies and what are her/his needs? And developed what we call the "pilot to pilot review tool", and got some interesting results. The tool allows every pilot of any IPPI level to place a review of his/her wing by answering a set of predefined and simple questions. The big benefit of the tool is that pilots can see what other pilots in their IPPI level believe about a specific wing that they might be interested in.

Data crunching

We asked our users to rate their wings in 7 categories; demandingness, agility, climb rate, fun factor, manufacturer's promise, and build quality. By manufacturer's promise we mean, whether the wing delivers what the manufacturer has promised. For example, is the wing actually ideal for hike and fly as the manufacturer promised? Or is the wing actually ideal to introduce the pilot into cross country flying? The rest of the categories are self-explanatory.
We asked our users to give their wings for the above mentioned categories a score in a scale from 1 to 5. For all categories 1 is the lowest score while 5 is the highest score. A score of 1 means that the user is unhappy while a score of 5 means that the user is super happy. The difference is for demandingness where a score of 1 means that the wing is not demanding and very easy to handle while a score of 5 means that the wing is very demanding and very difficult to handel.
From figure 1, it is evident that our users are in general satisfied with their wings in all categories, with almost all scores above 4 and 2.5 for demandingness. It is worth to mention that the users who contributed to our pilot to pilot review tool are pilots of all levels (from IPPI 2 to IPPI 5), and they fly wings of all classes (from EN A to CCC). Evidently and according to our users, manufacturers today deliver what they promise; the wings are of high quality, fun, with very good climb rate and glide, agile, and yet easy to handel.

paragliding wing comparison
Figure 1. Wing general behavior. The scale is from 1 to 5. For all the parameters 1: unhappy 5: super happy, except demandingness where 1: not demanding 5: very demanding.

However, looking at figure 2 (a), it is evident that pilots wish for more performance, namely speed. In figure 2 (a) we asked our users to give a score, in a scale from 1 (unhappy) to 5 (super happy), on how happy they are with the trim speed, speed on half bar, and speed on full bar of their wings. Seemingly, pilots are happier with the trim speed of their wing, but not as happy with the speed on half and full bar.
What is very interesting is to see the pilot IPPI level break down. Figure 2 (b) shows the score that our users from the four different IPPI levels gave to trim speed, half and full bar of their wings. As we go from IPPI 5 towards IPPI 2 we see that pilots wish for more speed. IPPI 2 and IPPI 3 pilots typically fly low EN B wings primarily due to the safety aspects of those wings. Yet, they do wish for more speed; this is of a particular importance as we have entered the era of high performance low EN B.

paragliding wing comparison
Figure 2 Need for speed. How happy are the pilots with the performance of their wings. Scale from 1 to 5, with 1: unhappy and 5: super happy.

Some conclusions

Obviously, the average pilot wants a safe, accessible, high quality, and performant wing, and this is nothing new or surprising. However, what is interesting to see is that IPPI 3 and 2 are thirstier for performance than the IPPI 5 and 4. Probably, the EN C and EN D wings that IPPI 5 and 4 fly offer as much performance as the pilots can handle and the penalty they have to pay to safety in order to gain in performance is higher than they wish. IPPI 3 pilots typically fly low level EN B where the room for improvement in performance without sacrificing safety is high. NOVA early this summer released the PHANTOM, a low level EN B with the performance of an EN C, OZONE is also working on a similar wing, is this the new era? How the development of such wings will affect the development of EN D and EN C wings and what will be the next achievement and record in our sport? Time will tell, but definitely we live in exciting times.


Hi girls and guys! has been around now for few months, and we would like to sum up who we are and what have we offered to our community.
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  2. 2. Pilot-to-pilot review tool (; so you can easily place a review on how happy you are about the wing you are flying, and also other pilots to check and compare easily different wings.
  3. 3. Wing comparison interactive graph (; so you can visualize the comparison between different wings.
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We are very excited! We got our first review on ZENO from OZONE Paragliders, and the pilot that tested it seems to be very happy.
You want to see how the wing is compared with other wings in the same EN class? Go to our interactive plot Keep in mind that for the ZENO we have one review so far, and make sure you compare it with within the same IPPI pilot level. Also, place a review for the wing you are flying ( and help us strengthen our data!


We are so excited! We brought our pilot-to-pilot review tool to the next level! Now you can visualize the comparison of different wings in real time.
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Thank you all pilots for your reviews!
Our paragliding community wing review tool, aka pilot to pilot review, is ready :)
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We are developing a "paragliding community wing review tool" aka pilot-to-pilot review tool.
The idea is for any pilot to (1) either contribute by adding his/her own short review of a wing they own (2) or look through all the existing reviews to get a grasp of the community's opinion about a wing. Such reviews are particularly useful for beginner pilots and for experienced pilots when switching to a different model.
Our priority is to provide a useful and friendly tool where people can easily add structured reviews and quickly, using advanced filters, find reviews on specific models.
If you want to support this initiative and would like to see such a tool come to live, please fill in the short form below (it should take you maximum 3 minutes to fill in). The success of such a community tool depends on you.


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Based on Ziad Bassil's paragliding review on EN C gliders we have developed a wing comparison tool. The wing comparison tool allows you to compare the characteristics of different gliders as described in Ziad's review.
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We are very happy and honoured to announce that the very well acknowledged paraglider pilot Ziad Bassil generously provided us with his classic review on EN B gliders. It is updated with the UP Kibo, Sky Apollo, and Gin Sprint 3.
The review is hosted on our website.
Enjoy and stay tuned!

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