Mountain and/or Hike and Fly

  • Advance Pi2 23

    Advance Pi2 23

    Mountain and/or Hike and Fly Switzerland September 4, 2017 2300.00

    Standard colours. Light weight risers. Comes with Compress Bag. Purchased new in Switzerland in July. Only flown from lovely alpine meadows. As new, no visible wear or damage. One small mark from genuine swiss cow shit.(would probably wash out) The w...

  • Spiruline EZ XXL

    Spiruline EZ XXL

    Mountain and/or Hike and Fly Norway August 5, 2016 1200.00

    The wing is in excellent condition, no accidents no water landings no SIV. The wing has been re-checked in June by and it's in very good condition, an good to go for at least two more years. The wing is also very good for new pil...

  • Kimfly HUSKY 2 19m2

    Kimfly HUSKY 2 19m2

    Mountain and/or Hike and Fly Slovenia August 1, 2016 850.00

    I'm selling my miniwing Kimfly Husky2 size 19m2. Weight is 2.7 kg. The wing is in excellent condition. Bought in the spring of 2014 it only has 20 hours. No Acro, no SIV, no sand, no water, no trees - no repairs :) It's perfect for hike and fly or Pa...



    Mountain and/or Hike and Fly France June 29, 2016 1300.00

    La Faïal est une voile ludique. Elle allie un comportement très sain à un excellent niveau de performances. Elle conviendra au pilote en progression ayant déjà une expérience du vol thermique, et aussi aux pilotes accomplis à la recherche d'une aile ...